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The ICC T20 World Cup Promo

While working on the SuperSport brand for media giant Multichoice, I wrote and directed a number of promos, which aired on DSTV's satellite channels. This is one I created to promote the T20 Cricket World Cup.
Recent posts

Apple TV+ for CBR

Here's an opinion piece I wrote when Apple TV+ launched, which appeared on the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website. Read it online here .

Another aha Moment

Here's one from the latest edition of aha Moments Magazine for aha Hotels & Lodges , thanks to Harvey Fox . Read the magazine here .

The South African Rugby Legends Association

Through my client Harvey Fox , I've had the privilege of writing content for the South African Rugby Legends Association (SARLA). Here's one I recently wrote about the Cape Town 10s Festival. read the original article online here .

Comic Book Resources

I was recently signed up as a contributor to the popular comic book news site, Comic Book Resources (CBR). I'll also be sharing some articles from Screen Rant soon. You can have a look at my writer profile and read all my articles here . Happy reading!

War History Online

A little while back, I wrote this article for War History Online . It's an informative and entertaining site for war history fanatics. It's quite easy to get lost in all the interesting articles on the site. My contribution was about the ill-fated B-17 unmanned bombers. Read the original here , or download a PDF version  here for easier scrolling.
My client Real Photo in Australia is the leader in Virtual Furniture and real estate photography. I compose their regular emailers to help them promote their unique services. Visit their website on to subscribe to the newsletter and to see more of their work.

aha Moments Magazine

Via my client Harvey Fox , I do a lot of writing for aha Hotels & Lodges , including regular press releases and articles for their magazine, aha Moments. Here are a few of the articles I wrote for their Winter Edition. For easier reading, download a PDF with the articles here . You can read the magazine online here .

Premier Pure Fusion

Premier Pure Fusion is a South African-made blended liqueur, created using recipes that have been handed down for generations. I helped them tell their brand's stories and Plastic Duck Armada did the design. 

VCODE Energy Drink

Idea Foundry is a client of mine that's based in Myanmar, and I've worked on a few diverse projects for them, which reach an international audience. These commercials were for Myanmar-based energy drink brand, VCode. I conceptualised and wrote the script and it was translated into Burmese and produced by Idea Foundry in Myanmar. I've included my original English script after the videos in this post. (Voice-over is beneath the first video and visual script after the videos) The original English voice-over read: We are who we choose to be… We live life our way… Our uniqueness makes us different. We make our own opportunities. We live on our terms. We are… Confident… Inspiring… We are BRAVE… VCODE Sparkling energy drink. Be brave. Be unique. Be who you are… Now available in three brave flavours: Original… Sparkling Berry… And now, brand new Sparkling coffee flavour.

Some More Leroy Merlin Work

Leroy Merlin has been a great client to work with. My colleagues at Breezy Studios and I have conceptualised and rolled out a few campaigns for them. I wrote the words and Brian Bekker created the bulk of the visuals. Here's a selection of the work we've done. (There's no sound on this video, as it was featured on screens in-store)

Leroy Merlin!

I am very excited to announce that myself and two very talented colleagues have just done a print and digital campaign for Leroy Merlin - one of the largest home renovation and building supply retailers in the world.  They are about to expand on a grand scale in South Africa, rolling their exciting retail concept out to several new stores in the pipeline. I can't wait to be a part of helping this brand grow. Here's some of the work myself, Collin Gradwell and Brian Bekker did. All credit for the design work goes to Brian and Collin. More to come in the future. 
A promo I wrote and directed for SuperSport on DSTV to promote the cricket test between Zimbabwe and South Africa, featuring the late, great Clive Rice.
Another two articles I wrote a few years back that were featured on the Studio Republic website. Read the originals  here  and  here.
Here's an example of an SEO article I wrote for a third-party agency. Read the original article  here.